Named after the neighborhood that Noël and Philip live in, The Kensington is a semi-hollow electric guitar repping a unique and bold look. One of the nicest features about The Kensington is its balanced weight due to the poplar top, back and core. With a set-in neck, an engineered wood fretboard with ornate block inlays, and a double pickguard, this one’s a show stopper.
Featuring three P90 pickups, this model can display a wide audio spectrum ranging from jazz to country. With two volume, two tone knobs, and a three-way toggle switch, players across all genres can be specific when crafting their individual sound. The mix of artistic flair and sonic playability makes The Kensington as much of a work of art as it is a tool for the working musician.

Philip and Noël designed The Kensington together in their home on Coral Street. They reached a design roadblock and Philip forced himself downstairs. "I'm designing something right now." Minutes later, Noël followed and found the most beautiful outline of a guitar body on a giant piece of paper, sprawled across the living room floor. She sat next to him and drew the pickguards, then passed the pencil. Philip placed the bridge, and passed the pencil. And it continued until they were satisfied with their misfit axe.