The Noir makes a great pairing for players with bigger hands as it mimics the vibe of the guitars from the mid to late 50s, allowing the player to thoughtfully select their notes. Its deluxe ebony fretboard with well-cut frets into cream binding is also reminiscent of features found on the finest examples of guitars from this era.
The bridge pickup on The Noir is positioned further away from the bridge than on your standard guitar in order to make the treble less harsh and the bass and mid response sweeter.
The guitar’s body and neck are both made out of mahogany. Even though mahogany is known to be a heavier wood, The Noir doesn’t weigh as much as other all-mahogany guitars due to asking our factories to use their lightest cuts of wood. We also ensure that this guitar isn’t neck-heavy for a more comfortable performing experience.
 Subsequently, the three humbucking pickups make for the ultimate riff/fuzz/stoner rock guitar that can quickly shift gears and make its way to warmer, more musical jazz chords. The Noir is for the player that wants a multiple humbucker mahogany guitars but also wants to stand out from the rest with an art-deco design fit for the quirkiest art-rocker.