The Painted Lady is an effort to blend beauty and simplicity. With a single coil pickup placed with artistic intention, connected to a single volume potentiometer, this instrument allows for a warmer, more full response than on many other single coil pickup guitars. This model was Philip’s first ever design for Goldfinch back in the days of the garage. It was his very first drawing, his very first thought.

The Painted Lady is named after one of Philip’s favorite butterflies. As a kid, Philip was out in the woods studying butterflies rather than on the football field. If he was on the field, the passerby butterfly or worm on the ground was much more interesting than the ball or the final score. Philip hasn’t stopped loving butterflies, but now he loves guitars a whole lot more. The Painted Lady speaks to his youth and his current love for beauty in its simplest, most natural form.

This guitar is made of a wood called Paulownia: a light-weight, but resonant wood that makes The Painted Lady the perfect guitar to play with a strap as it has a  24.75" scale length. It has a super comfortable, fast, gloss, maple neck that is quite universal, making it the perfect first guitar for students and a great introduction to the brand for the professional musician that wants a new sound.

The block inlays in combination with cream binding help give it a more expensive look, which most student models don’t have. And just when you thought it was over, The Painted Lady plays with incredibly low action for a fast glide up and down the neck, which is endowed by an engineered wood fretboard.

This electric guitar offers simplicity, the elegance of tone and a sleek accessory for the player with good taste, on a budget!

Although named the same, The Painted Lady 12 string contains some pretty distinct differences to the 6 string. The first being the poplar body which comes with a single mini-humbucker pickup installed for a fuller, warmer sound.

Philip has always wanted to make a 12 string that was stylish, affordable, and had a great sound. For years, Philip’s favorite amplifier has been the Roland Jazz Chorus 120. The 12 strings on The Painted Lady provide a natural ‘chorus’ sound due to the fact that no two strings are ever perfectly in tune.  The maple fretboard allows each note enough high end to stand out despite the humbucker pickup’s warmth.  A beautiful, clear sonic pallet is provided by this instrument’s appointments ensuring you’ll want to pick it up over and over again.






This model can be easily modified to a LEFTY guitar, for those wanting a fun project! In fact, we encourage modding this guitar in any capacity!