Goldfinch is a custom guitar online boutique based out of Philadelphia.
 This all began when founder Philip Smith was in a time of hardship whilst wallowing in his parent's garage after a heart break. He wanted so badly to make something of himself and so he did the only thing he felt comfortable doing. He sat down to draw his dream guitar. And the first ever Goldfinch design came to life, and further came the desire to create not only beautiful looking instruments, but an electric guitar that wasn't so damn heavy! And so Goldfinch began. 
Philip was born with a C1 misalignment of the neck which made touring with heavy guitars nearly impossible. As a musician, one can imagine this to be a heart wrenching awareness. Philip decided something needed to change, so he made it. Each model is purposefully lightweight, allowing many more hours of play time. 
All of our guitars are manufactured in China to our exact specifications. We are as hands on as possible and are committed to providing our customers with the very best. We have developed a strong bond with our factories and stand by the build, quality and playability of our products. Basically, we aren’t trying to replace anyone’s Gibson, but rather Goldfinch is about offering an alternative design, a unique sound (with our use of ferrite magnets in our humbucker pickups), all while providing a fashionable instrument to play on stage that makes a statement. We don’t like to blend in around here.
Goldfinch focuses on creativity, connectivity & passion. We believe in great color, impeccable sound, and even better playability. Central to the Goldfinch design ethos is the idea that the player experience should be like that of an inspired musical composition: blend the comfort of the familiar with the invigoration of the great creative unknown.
Wear your Goldfinch proud and play one today!